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August 14, 2009
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Katara The Wild Wolf
(Katara to werewolf)

Appa flew across the afternoon sky, and over the rock canyon. The gang was off to teach Aang his fire bending skills. They were all exhausted from their previous adventure, full of climbing, running, and fighting the fire lords minions. Aang seemed to be the only one with the least bit of energy. The idea of a story popped into his head. Aang got all their attention and then began the story. They seemed happy to hear something new for a change, and happily obliged. “Once upon a time, there was a group of settlers who ran into a impish spirit. The spirit took each one from the group and twisted their bodies into something unrecognizable. The had the spirit of the wolf in them now, and with this spirit, it gave them the body of such a creature. They were covered in fur and had fangs the size of a hand. The spirit then ran off, leaving behind these huge beast like monsters in the shadows. The theory is that if you get bitten and survive, then you too shall join their wolfish force.” Katara laughed a little before apologizing and speaking up. “I’m sorry Aang but there is no way that something like that could happen. Since when does anyone see anything like people turning into wolfs”. Sokka leaned in and spoke out. “I don’t know maybe the story is real, I for one think something like that could happen…we are riding on a giant bison you know”. Aang chuckled at the two and turned around to land Appa for the evening.
Setting up camp was relatively easy. Sokka got the firewood, and Aang retrieved some fruit from the forest. Katara was left with getting water for the trio. The trip to the river was short, but the path was hidden by overgrown roots and plants. Swiftly and quietly she walked through the green bushes and plant stalks sprouting up from the ground. She looked around with a distant grasp of fear in her chest. “Man, why do I feel as if I’m followed?”, she said to herself. She advanced down the road until she looked up and for a quick second, saw the shadow of a dog. In her eyes it seemed much larger than a dog, but there’s no story of anything bigger than a dog in this nation. The shadow quickly dispersed and without a second though she gave up on her quest for water. The fear now tearing a hole in her chest. She turned around and started to sprint for camp. She ran for what seemed like a half hour, all while feeling watched and hunted. The sight of smoke perked her hopes up and she screamed for the group to aid her. The moment she yelled their names, a black figure jumped out of a large oak tree and pinned her to the ground. Katara thrashed and kicked but found no escape. The creature quickly slashed at her arms, causing blood to pour from the wound. The wolfish beast then sung its teeth into her neck and started to drag her off. Katara was losing her vision and the battle. Before she passed out though, she caught a glimpse of Aang and Sokka dashing downhill towards her. Reaching a hand out to them she collapses in the creatures grasp and blacks out.
The sweet smell of toasted squirrel fills the air, and Katara’s nostrils. She groggily opens her eyes to find Aang and Sokka looking back worried. She starts to overhear them discussing about her wounds. “Look at her Aang, the cuts just seemed to disappear overnight. Do you not find that strange?”. Aang looked down at Katara and noticed her slightly open eyes. “Oh, hey Katara! How are you feeling?”. Katara looked down at herself, expecting to see deep slashes and black bruises. To her surprise her skin was perfectly intact, no scratches or bloody wounds. “I feel great actually but, what happened after the thing bite me?”. Aang was first to speak up, “Oh nothing it looked up and ran off into the woods. I guess we scared it off, but you were all cut up when we arrived. How you seem to be without a scratch now worries me.” Katara patted Aang on the cheek and chuckled, “I’ll be fine Aang. Oh, and Sokka don’t you worry either.”
The day passed by quickly and that afternoon the trio went fishing for food. Aang and Sokka were first to catch fish while Katara stood watching her line sit there. “I guess the fish are scared of me or something, ha.” The group laughed and went to cook the dinner they just fished. The fire blazed and Katara started to smell the fishy air. For some reason the scent of it turned her stomach inside out. She decided it’s be best to just get some rest, and eat in the morning. “I’m going to bed guys, my stomach isn’t cooperating right, sorry.” Aang and Sokka were a little saddened but they said goodnight and she went to her tent. The forest around her campground was silent, not one animal making a noise. She laid on her cot and started to shut her eyes, only to be awakened to the noise of a rustle outside her tent. She raised out of bed and crawled to the entrance of the tent, peeking out into the nocturnal air. “It must be nothing”, she told herself, but fear crept into her chest once more. She laid down and closed her eyes, wishing for it to be morning, for something to make her feel better. She then felt her body twitch and images of wolf dens, deer carcasses, and the need to hunt. Katara raised as if under control somewhere else, and stepped out of her tent. She walked through a patch of pushes and made her way into an opening. She could feel a force pulling her into the opening. She looked up at the moon, and noticed a shiver make its way down her spine. The moon was causing her to feel this way! There was no other way to describe it.
She stayed in that spot, basking in the moonlight, until she felt her nails twitch. Suddenly she was hit by an incredible heat all over her body. The pressure under her nails was growing to be to much. She looked down to see her human nails crack apart and what grew from underneath was nothing like she could imagine. She had blackish, razor sharp nails pushing through her fingernails and protruding from the tip of her fingers. She felt her hands seem to burn even more as it appeared her hand was stretching out. Growing more paw like, and moving her thumb underneath her wrist. Her fingers grew short and stubby. Katara could feel the same change happening to her feet. The change moved from her hand to her spinal cord. Katara could feel her back snap and she was soon forced onto all fours. Her spinal cord pushed out and grew to be 3 feet in length. Katara stared wide eyed as her chest barreled out, swallowing her developing breast on the growth. Her legs seemed to bulk out with muscle as she felt her tights constricting her legs. Her shirt suddenly burst from all the pressure of her chest and her hands started to itch madly. Katara could feel the prickly hair poke through every pore as it started to grow from her hands and her back. The wave of fur washed over her lower arms and her entire lower half. Her upper arms, still swelling with muscle, suddenly was covered in a wave of sprouting fur. Katara tried to scream but all that came out was a howl. She wished she had believed Aang and heard more on this creature. Meanwhile down by the fire Aang and Sokka were finishing their soup. After they heard the howl, the pair rushed to the tents and burst into the clearing. As soon as they burst through they saw Katara with hair all over her body, they saw muscle ripple on ever appendage, and last of all they saw the saddened look on her face. They noticed her ears were moving, they were already pointed like a wolf’s. The last thing the group of boys saw change on their friend, was her face in general. Her nose and mouth pushed out to form a muzzle and he nose turned black and wet. The teeth in her mouth grew pointed as her tongue lengthened to match. The creature before them was no longer Katara, but an ancient creature. One that stalked its prey at night, one that made copies of it kind by one simple bite. Katara felt this change of emotion suddenly sweep her. She went from a very distraught and scared teenager, to a powerful and confident young werewolf. She glared her teeth at the boys and started to crouch in an attacking manner. Aang sadly pushed a wave of air to knock it down and Sokka through his boomerang towards the creature. The shining piece of silver sailed through the night air, striking its target. The creature yelped from the sting of the blow and leapt into a nearby tree. The two boys went back to the camp site and hopped on Appa. They searched for what used to be Katara but found nothing in the empty woods. They searched till morning until finally they gave up the search. The two walked into camp with glum faces. They were surprised to see Katara asleep on her cot with blood all over her naked body. They ran over to the girl and awoke her. “Katara! Katara are you ok?!”, asked Sokka. Aang was wise and tried to see what she knew. “Do you know what happened to you last night?”. Katara then put her head down, looking towards the ground. “yes, yes I do. Aang…Sokka, I’m terribly sorry for this. I never asked for it. It had to have been that creature before. If you’d allow it I want to go with you, try to find out as much as I can about this curse. I’m sorry if I threatened your life, I’m sorry for everything.”

Aang, Sokka and Katara went on to teach Aang, and accept Katara as she was. Katara herself learned to control her demonic side when it was released. While visiting a hidden archive in the dessert, Aang learned of his tribes past, Katara learned more of her curse, and Sokka learned of hidden military skills.. With these powers combined they were able to take out the fire lord’s threat of controlling the earth. Leaving them and all the habitants smiling and full of cheer.
This story is based of the events that go on in the avatar world. The characters and such are copyright to nickolodean. Well I feel it was a good story and all. The idea came from the mind of cqmorrell, so you all give him props. Thanks for viewing and enjoy.
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The story :writersblock: you wrote about Katara :liquisoft: became a wolf :arc: girl
It was amazing :wow: , but I wish some increase :'( in it as a werewolf :arc: .
killerpen Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2011  Student Writer
I try to keep down the intensity of the change and make it less sexual to appeal to a broader range of viewers. I will take your suggestion into careful consideration though ;)
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